TelePresence Call Center

The Origin of TelePresence Centers

It was back in 1978 when AT&T launched the world's first telemarketing facility with their Bell System Sales Center in Kansas City using a multi-media program produced by Duffie White. While telemarketing through call centers is a multi-billion dollars global industry today, TelePresence Marketing will replace phone conversations with live two-way video communication incorporating eye contact and a true sense of presence.

The master plan for TelePresence Centers and 3D TelePresence Kiosks were developed by Duffie White in the 1990's.  In 2004 Duffie White founded TelePresence Tech as a world class manufacturing company for TelePresence solutions with eye contact and a true depth. Today "telepresence" is widely known as a superior form of video conferencing, however, TelePresence Tech has the granted US patents for the direct view of displayed participants in a three dimensional setting with an aligned eye contact. TelePresence Tech is the world leader in the field of TelePresence Marketing.
Duffie White is recognized for his innovation of TelePresence Centers. His inventions are patented and his technology is used every day around the world.
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