Video Call Centers by TelePresence Tech transform customer service and support with intelligent automated call routing for live face-to-face video conversations between customers and remote agents.

TelePresence Tech manages the Teleportel Cloud that is an integrated and complete video contact center solution to manage and control the entire service process automatically. Customers will be able to connect through the Cloud to a dedicated server to initiate live video communication with service agents.

The Teleportel Cloud is an international network of secure servers dedicated to live video communication optimized for video call centers. The Teleportel Cloud dynamically prioritizes the distribution of requests to the most appropriate agent that is immediately available.

The solution manages the complete process, including the sharing of data and digital content.

Advanced reporting and troubleshooting modules are included in the Teleportel Manager Program to support the contact center operations.

A video call is initiated by the following:

1. At the touch of a button a request is transmitted to the signaling server.
2. Through an intelligent routing program the call is routed to the appropriate person.
3. A secure encrypted video connection is established peer-to-peer between the customer and the services representative.


TelePresence Tech has developed video transmission stations that capture the sales representative with eye contact. The two-way live video communication can be received at a TPT Showcase, video conference system, computer monitor, laptop, video enabled tablet, or smart phone.

TPT Stations, designed by TelePresence Tech, are small enough to fit on a typical desk at a call center.


TPT Showcases display 3D TelePresence to make them dramatically more impressive than all other video kiosks. This patented kiosk displays a person at life-size within a three dimensional setting with eye contact with the customer.

Unlike video kiosks that show a flat image of a person, this system brings the customer sales representative to life in the store appearing three-dimensionally at life-size. Since many retail environments have numerous video monitors throughout the store, a kiosk with a standard flat monitor will generally be ignored.

However, the three dimensional image of a TPT Showcase is a real eye-catcher. Furthermore, the high definition image is exceptionally sharp as it stands out with true depth of the 3D TelePresence format.


TelePresence Tech has been successful in a wide range of international applications. Each of these implementations have improved customer satisfaction in delivering services.

Applications have included banking, receptionists, airport information kiosks, security guards, police reporting stations, telepsychiatry, medical services, consulting, customer relations, retail sales, job placement and many others. For more information see TelePresence Tech Solutions.


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